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The apple has a long history as a motif in western art. As a symbol of fertility and the fragility of life, the apple is depicted as the forbidden fruit in the Bible.

Hirosaki is known as the city of apples, and is the largest apple producer in Japan.
Apple culture in Hirosaki is said to have originated when American missionaries shared apples with their interns and congregations, and began apple cultivation in the area at the same time. Apple trees here bore three fruit for the first time in 1877.

A brickwork brewery was built about 100 years ago at the site of the orchard, and it started producing Japan's first ever apple cidre after WWII. It ceased brewing activities following a relocation in 1965, and it was renovated from the brick warehouse into an art museum in 2020 based on the concept "Continuous Memories."

Apples have brought many industrial and cultural benefits to Hirosaki. However, due to rapid changes in the natural and social environment in recent years, changes have also emerged among the people, town, and efforts that are involved with apples.

In this project, we will create multiple hands-on programs based on the concepts of art, cidre, and Hirosaki, with a focus on the Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art which engages in creative efforts in this land of apples.

We hope that these programs will deliver you the singular pleasure of art and alcohol and help you think about the local community.




This project features special hands-on activities in art, food, and craft cidre, all situated in and around
the Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Collection

The apple and the Hirosaki Museum
of Contemporary Art

The Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art is also known as the birthplace of cidre in Japan. This location was an apple orchard before the current building was constructed 100 years ago.

The museum's collection features site-specific artworks that incorporate local culture and blend with the architecture of the brickwork warehouse.

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